Women Political Leaders (WPL) is the global network of female politicians. The mission of WPL is to increase both the number and the influence of women in political leadership positions.

WPL is an independent, international and non-partisan foundation, with headquarters in Iceland, the global champion of equality between women and men. WPL was founded in 2013 by Silvana Koch-Mehrin.

WPL is the only organisation which brings together all female political leaders at a global level and seeks to tackle international challenges by harnessing their collective power and influence.

WPL communities are women in political office – Members of Parliaments, Ministers, Heads of State and Government.

WPL strives in all its activities to demonstrate the impact of more women in political leadership, for the global better. To accelerate, women need three things: communication, connection, community.

At WPL, the optimisation of the power of communication and connection builds new communities of knowledge for women political leaders everywhere. WPL makes progress happen by convening women political leaders who have the drive and the influence to create positive change.