WPL Country Ambassadors

WPL relies on the commitment of leading women politicians worldwide for its thriving communities who, in the spirit of the mission of WPL, advance society.

WPL Country Ambassadors are officially appointed by the relevant political leadership entity of their respective country to act as the representative of the country in the achievement of WPL’s mission.

They serve as the main point of contact for cooperation, conferences, and various WPL initiatives in their country. All current WPL Country Ambassadors hold influential positions of political leadership, either as Parliamentarians, Speakers of Parliament, Deputy Speakers of Parliament or Ministers.

Maintaining an effective network requires communication, collaboration and a regular exchange of ideas. WPL actively cultivates strong and direct lines of communication with and between women decision-makers, regardless of their political, geographical or cultural backgrounds, via the WPL Country Ambassadors. WPL Country Ambassadors are the voice of change in all the countries of the world and one of the strengths of WPL. The Global Advisory Board ensures the activities of WPL keep with the organisation’s mission. The experience and the commitment of the members of the Global Advisory Board are crucial to outlining a long-term vision of the activities of WPL.

WPL Country Ambassadors around the world