Creating knowledge platforms in the area of peace and security

Wednesday, April 10, 2019
Women Peacemakers Full 1 Scaled

The “European Defence Rountable” organised in Malta in 2017, the “Women Peacemakers 2018 ” and the 2019’s session “A Man’s World? Leadership and Participation in International Affairs” – organised in the framework of the Munich Security Conference – testify how for WPL the quest for more women in leadership positions, specifically in the area of peace and security, has been gaining a sense of urgency.

Today, the lines between war and peace are blurred, we need to prepare for new forms of conflict and ask ourselves how to prevent or solve them. Thanks to conferences and similar initiatives, WPL  has been bringing together powerful women leaders to discuss the different pathways to a peaceful and equal world, as well as the measures needed for our society to wake up and activate transformation.

Over the years, a clear point was repeatedly stated; there is a need for empowered women and men leaders to cooperate, with trust and respect, towards peace to produce effective change, women need to be a big part of the decision making process.

In particular, at the Women Peacemakers session, women leaders agreed that establishing connections, a strong network to exchange ideas and suggestion for better policies, is the first step to ensure women’s voices are heard. Using creativity and empathy, listening to those that think they are not being heard, women can make a big difference in political negotiations and can come up with solutions and innovative pathways to peace.  Interconnectivity and the building of powerful knowledge platforms are ways WPL pursue to walk the talk and enable change.