National Transformative Dialogues

Building up to the Generation Equality Forum in Paris, Women Political Leaders (WPL) rallies its network of leaders to generate game-changing commitments and concrete actions from governments and political leadership.

In the period of April-June 2021, WPL co-hosted National Transformative Dialogues  in six countries that are not currently part of the Action Coalitions but represent important global constituencies.


National Transformative Dialogues 2021 Timeline: Achieving quick and efficient progress


The dialogues successfully generated commitments that aim for legislative and social change within the respective countries, including:

  • Eliminating discriminatory laws, and enacting policies that respect and protect the rights of women, enhancing their leadership and economic empowerment.
  • Making all policies, programs, and investments meet the needs of and benefit women.
  • Removing barriers to women’s leadership and their meaningful participation and decision making in  politics and in the economic sector.
  • Investing in gender mainstreaming and gender budgeting mechanisms in all levels of government, private sector, international organisations, and civil society organisation, and all sectors of the economy.
  • Ensuring women’s full and effective participation and equal opportunities for leadership at all levels of decision-making in political, economic and public life.

As part of a larger effort to achieve the objectives of the Generation Equality and contribute to the implementation of the Action Coalitions Global Acceleration Plan, WPL will scale up and replicate the National Transformative Dialogues in 50 countries and work with women politicians to ensure that the commitments are implemented and more changes are made.


The first commitments by women politicians were presented at the Women Political Leaders Summit 2021 during the side event: “Commitments to advance the new normal: Transformative National Dialogues”.