OECD Parliamentary Network Meeting: A strong, resilient, inclusive & sustainable recovery from Covid-19

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Women Political Leaders (WPL) and the OECD co-host the first 2021 meeting of the OECD Global Parliamentary Network (GPN), a legislative learning hub for legislators and parliamentary officials. Also thanks to the joint support of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, the gathering is set to take place virtually on 9 and 10 February 2021, starting at 1.00 PM (Central European Time).

The meeting offers the opportunity to hear the experiences of women politicians in the different OECD’s key areas of work for the year 2021. Participants meet to look at paths to a strong, resilient, green and inclusive recovery from the COVID-19 crisis. From fiscal and monetary policy to continued support to those hit hardest by the crisis; vaccines and resilient health systems; and rebuilding tourism for the future. Responding to Parliamentarians’ interest in climate change, the meeting will also explore Energy and Climate-resilient development pathways.

The draft programme of the virtual meeting may be found here, together with the full list of participants found here. 

If you are an incumbent member of parliament or parliamentary official and wish to attend this meeting, please send an email to [email protected] with the subject title ‘OECD GPN Meeting Feb 2021.”