Seminar ‘Women in Politics’

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WIP will join the Seminar ‘Women in Politics -Weaker Sex or Strong Actors?’ that will be held in the Parliament of Estonia on 19 October. This event is organised by the Estonian Foreign Affairs Committee and the NGO Mondo with support by the Nordic Embassies in Tallinn.

This seminar will convene Estonian MPs and policy makers around the topic ‘women in politics’. Some of the issues that will be addressed during the 4-hour seminar are: “Why and how to support women’s political participation home and abroad?”, “What are the obstacles for women’s political participation?”, “How does having more women in politics impact the society?” and “Who has the right to decide for the women and talk on their behalf?”

WIP will contribute to the panel session ‘Supporting women’s political participation home and abroad’ and speakers include the following politicians and experts from Estonia and the Nordic countries:

  • Eva Biaudet (Finnish MP, Chairperson of Political Parties of Finland for Democracy – Demo Finland);
  • Birgitta Ohlsson (Swedish MP and former Director of Swedish International Liberal Centre);
  • Alexandra Rosén (Senior Director, The Women in Parliaments Global Forum);
  • Daniel E. Schaer (Estonian Ambassador to Macedonia);
  • Maryan Abdulkarim (Founding members of new feminist party in Finland);
  • Helen Biin (Labour & Social Policy Analyst from Praxis, Estonian socio-economic research centre)