Women at the peace & security table to make a difference – Munich Security Conference 2020

One of the places where women have been dramatically underrepresented is in national and international security and peace processes. To amplify the voices of women leaders in such areas, for the 4th consecutive year, WPL organises opportunities at the Munich Security Conference (MSC) 2020. Such opportunities, such as WPL’s roundtables, provide an ideal environment for women leaders to discuss fundamental issues in the field of security and peace in light of their experience in the area, as well as to ensure that their voices are heard by the international security community.

The Munich Security Conference is “the world’s leading forum for debating international security policy”. Its main objective of “to build trust and to contribute to the peaceful resolution of conflicts by sustaining a continuous, curated and informal dialogue within the international security community”. As the conference aims at constituting a space where the different attendees may exchange new ideas to fulfill such purposes, it is paramount women’s voices and experiences are heard.

The WPL sessions not only enrich the Conference itself but also manifest the commitment of the MSC to move towards an equitable inclusion of female perspectives on peace, security and defence policies.

said by Ambassador Wolfgang Ischinger, Chairman of the Munich Security Conference in January 2019.

Women Political Leaders is committed to highlighting the work of women in the peace and security space and encourages women around the globe to take their seats at the table where pivotal decisions are taken.

More information about the events organised in Munich on 14-16 February 2020 to follow.