Women Leaders fostering partnership at the 2020 Annual Concordia Summit

Women Political Leaders (WPL) will bring the voices and the experiences of accomplished women Leaders at the 2020 Annual Concordia Summer, set to take place in a digital format on 21-25 September 2020.

Leading into a future of great ambiguity, as COVID-19 continues to spread, this year’s digital Concordia Summit brings together tens of thousands of people from around the world for a large and most impactful convening. 

Women Political Leaders will co-develop and co-host discussions for the thousands of participants this year’s new digital format will bring together.

The topics selected for the 2020 edition are in line with Concordia Summit’s key areas and are:

  • Human trafficking a multi-faceted global issue 

Human trafficking is a global issue. Increases in organised crime and the development of international criminal networks ensure the continued exploitation and abuse of vulnerable populations across the globe.

According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNOCD), human trafficking is almost always linked to organised crime. In fact, alongside the illicit trade of firearms, drugs and more, human beings are being used as products of criminal commerce. This phenomenon is not particular to a single region either.


  • Re-building healthcare systems in light of the current pandemic

The coronavirus and Covid-19 have threatened the world in ways unseen since the last century ago. They have rocked our collective economic, social and political systems, and inadvertently highlighted the defining issue undermining global health infrastructure: inequality.

While the number of women in global and public health is slowly growing, they still face a lack of representation and visibility in global health leadership positions. The session will look at what are these barriers, and how can we dismantle them and in doing so elevate and advance women as a force in global health leadership.


Thanks to the continued partnership between Concordia and WPL, at this Summit WPL will ensure that women are at the centre of discussions fostering urgent and sustained action and partnerships for women’s equality and leadership in these challenging times.

This year celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Annual Concordia Summit. Beginning with 100 participants, the Summit has grown to convene over 4,000 of the world’s most prominent leaders in business, government, and civil society in New York City, establishing dialogue to foster partnerships, share best practices, and identify policy solutions in pursuit of positive social change. 


More specific information on the agenda of the discussions to follow.