Women Peacemakers at Munich Security Conference

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Women are increasingly taking leadership roles in the debates and activities of not only securing defences, but also avoiding war and creating peace. WPL convenes these leaders in fora around the world. The Women Political Leaders Global Forum (WPL) convenes these leaders in fora around the world. In February 2018, WPL is teaming with the Munich Security Conference (MSC) for the WPL Women Peacemakers Conference.

Security and Defence have historically been fields led by men. Unresolved conflicts and long-lasting wars however show a need to challenge the current traditional approaches to security. A greater inclusion of female leadership in this arena improves the quality of decisions and increases the effectiveness of recovery efforts at all levels. “Peace-processes that included women as witnesses, signatories, mediators, and/or negotiators demonstrated a 20 per cent increase in the probability of a peace agreement lasting at least two years. This percentage increases over time, with a 35 per cent increase in the probability of a peace agreement” (UN Women,49, 2015).

With the objective of amplifying the voices of women leaders in areas of peace and security, the “Women Peacemakers” conference will bring together female decision makers from: governments, parliaments, academia and civil society, for an open discussion to address global good practices for the construction of durable peace.

The conference is taking place in conjunction with, and just ahead of the Munich Security Conference. The recommendations of the Women Peacemaker Conference will be distributed at the MSC.

More about MSC here.

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