WPL at Davos 2023

When: January 19, 2023
Davos Image

On 19th January 2023, Women Political Leaders (WPL) is co-hosting the ‘Representation Matters’ breakfast meeting with the Apolitical Foundation at the 2023 World Economic Forum, in Davos, Switzerland.

Where are the women in the corridors of political power? Equality of representation in politics is essential. Women’s political representation benefits all of society. Still, there are too few women in political leadership. Today’s multiple global crises serve as excuses to label more diverse representation as “nice to have”. The connection that these crises are anchored in the insufficient diversity of today’s political leadership is largely ignored.

The meeting-by invitation only – aims to discuss concrete actions in several critical areas: How to remove the systemic barriers for women that keep them out of politics, increasing the commitment of men to prioritise diversity & inclusion in their political work, encouraging women to run for office and to stay there. In addition to identifying and removing the barriers, the discussion will explore how to build new channels for women into office, and what resources and services can help more women enter political office.