WPL at Davos Week 2020

WPL to host sessions during Davos Week 2020

Every year, Women Political Leaders hosts gatherings during Davos Week to shed light on society’s perceptions of and prejudices towards women in leadership and more broadly to discuss the meaning of leadership today.

The first edition of the Reykjavik Index for Leadership, which was named #BestOfDavos in 2019, measures the extent to which society is comfortable with women in leadership positions as compared to men. The Index evaluates perceptions of who is suitable to lead across 22 different industries and public professions, researching the attitudes of more than 22,000 working-age people. Building on the success of the Index in 2018, during the Davos Week 2020, WPL is to present the Reykjavik Index for 2019. The new findings of the research not only in the G7 nations of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK, and the USA – already covered in the Index 2018, but also in Brazil, China, India, and Russia are on the agenda for discussions with key leaders.

WPL sessions during Davos Week 2020 are scheduled for 23-24 January 2019.

The Index was formally launched, and the initial results presented, at the Reykjavík Global Forum – Women Leaders held in Reykjavik, Iceland, from 18th to 20th November 2019.

More information to follow.