WPL & GMF – Women in Power Lunch

Gx Deloitte Gmf Brussels Forum

WPL and the German Marshal Fund are organising the Women in Power Lunch on 9 March 2018 in Brussels, Belgium.


Peacemaker and Power Broker — The Role of Women Political Leaders in Re-building Trust

Populist and extremist movements, the gendered nature of hate speech, racism and other fames of discrimination has accompanied recent politics on both sides of the Atlantic. Traditional politics seems to have failed many citizens who do not feel they have gained from democracy, prosperity, and peaceful relations. At the same time there is low representation of women in politics and a relative absence of women’s voices in the public debates.

This session/lunch invites a deeper conversation on how to rebuild confidence in governments and leadership and asses opportunities for greater diversity in decision-making.

How can political decision-makers ensure they keep re-engaging citizens? Is there a difference between the roles that men and women in positions of power can play?

What are new ways to build strong partnerships and networks that support our societies’ democratic ideals?