Exceptional times, exceptional measures: Female parliamentarians against Covid-19 and for democracy

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Exceptional times, call for exceptional measures. Not only are Female Parliamentarians making key decisions every day to save the lives of millions and to secure the wellbeing of their communities, but their noteworthy leadership serves as a reminder to the global community that 2020 must become a milestone for gender equality

In the spirit of advancing women’s political leadership and visibility, Women Political Leaders (WPL), the World Bank Group, and the Parliamentary Network on the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund are amplifying the names and voices of female Parliamentarians from across the globe. Their decisions to create an integrated and holistic response to the largest pandemic of the twenty-first century, by boosting health and social services, convening emergency sessions and actualising unprecedented stimulus packages, is essential not only in combating Covid-19, but also in safeguarding democracy worldwide.  Of course, the ability to govern comprehensively and inclusively is not limited to female leadership. 

It’s time to collectively recognise the contributions of women political leaders beyond a ceremonial bestowment of likeable adjectives, as is often being done in media reports. So take the time to imagine what the world would look like if half of its leaders were women. 

It’s time to amplify the important work these women are doing through concrete and collaborative action. Sharing their voices to ensure 2020 is a landmark year for gender equality!

Listen, learn and help elevate the voices of women parliamentarians.