Female Parliamentarians share their knowledge at the OECD Parliamentary Network Meeting

Tuesday, December 17, 2019
10 October 2019 Openning Meeting Of The Oecd Global Parliamentary Network

At the OECD Parliamentary in Paris, Parliamentarians shared their insights and strategies regarding Artificial Intelligence (AI ). Female politicians responded to Women Political Leaders’ call and joined the meeting to contribute to important discussions on the future role of AI in areas such as politics, economics, and society.

In a political landscape which sees a limited participation of female politicians, Women Political Leaders catered, once again, for the voice and the experience of female politicians from different parts of the world to be heard.

This happened on the occasion of the bi-annual OECD Parliamentary Network Meeting, on October 11 with WPL easing the participation of women Parliamentarians from different countries and with different backgrounds. 

The OECD Meeting held discussions on various topics, but one of the focus of the meeting was the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in today’s world. Female Parliamentarians spoke about how to leverage the benefits of AI within the framework of the AI principles set forth by OECD. Additionally, they discussed the future of employment and the potential impact of AI on labor markets, as well as the interplay between AI, science, and the environment.