Meet the participants of the WIP Summer Summit in Rwanda: Joy Gwendo (Kenya)

Wednesday, June 25, 2014
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After attending the global forum in Iceland, I cannot wait to be in Rwanda for the WIP summer summit, as this is a great opportunity to learn from fellow women and to be in one of the fast growing countries with the highest number of women in parliament

With the new constitution that Kenya passed in 2010, it saw the entrance of over 80 women to parliament and even though some us went through nomination, we hope to learn the how? And why? through this WIP global forum so that we get women leaders elected.

We at times get buried in our own sand thinking, it is well, but when we pull our heads out meet people, share ideas…. Then we give birth to best practices that change the world.

Senator Joy Gwendo
Kenya – Senate

* Dear participant, WIP would like to know about your motivation for attending the meeting! Therefore, if you want to share your thoughts about the WIP Summer Summit in Rwanda with our audience, please send a short statement to [hide-email email=”[email protected]”] by Friday 27 June.