Angela Lowe

Senior Advisor

Angela Lowe (she/her) serves as a Senior Advisor for Women Political Leaders (WPL), bringing nearly a decade of experience as a community engagement and strategic impact specialist. Her expertise lies in programme development, advocacy strategising, high-level project management, and building cross-sectoral partnerships, with a particular emphasis on women’s leadership and gender equality spanning five continents.

In her role with WPL, Angela leverages her experience, connections, and expertise in women’s leadership issues, along with her extensive knowledge of the WPL Community, to provide strategic counsel and guidance to the organisation. She assists in shaping and executing WPL activities and objectives.

Born in the Seychelles and living in Europe for almost two decades, Angela holds a Cum Laude Bachelor’s Degree in Business Studies from the University of Wales, a Master’s in Communication Studies from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), and a Postgraduate degree in Economic Diplomacy from the Brussels Diplomatic Academy.

As an independent consultant, Angela provides strategic engagement for PartyParty, the top European source for political professionals.

Angela is also involved in mentorship at WIIS Brussels and volunteers her strategic advice at Atlas, the first global political party.

You can contact Angela at [email protected] in English, French & Spanish.