Ebtesam Mohamed Al Dalal

Ebtesam Mohamed Saleh Al Dalal

Ebtesam Mohamed Al-Dalal, Member of the Majlis Al-Shura: “We should stand for speeding up the transformation changes needed for gender equality and we should look forward to the work that remains”


Dr. Ebtesam Mohamed Saleh Al Dalal is a Member of the Shura Council of the Kingdom of Bahrain, where she is the Chairman of the Woman and Child Affairs Committee. MP Al Delal has extensive experience in the area of health, as she has served as Vice President of the Health Committee at the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Head of the Dental and Oral Health Services at the Ministry of Health, and Member of the Health Quality Committee. Dr. Ebtesam is interested in the organization and regulations matters in the Medical and Dental Profession, Investment Orientations Affairs, and Economic growth.