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Frances Fitzgerald

Frances Fitzgerald, Member of the European Parliament: “COVID-19 has sharply brought gender inequality into focus. Across all sectors of society, from violence against women and access to healthcare, to the changing face of the economy and caring responsibilities, gender inequality has been laid bare. Post COVID-19, gender equality will need total focus and engagement by governments at all levels, civil society, the private sector and communities if the necessary actions are to be implemented successfully. It will be imperative to finally and comprehensively act, or women’s rights will regress. COVID-19 has brought horror, we must now grasp its opportunity to finally achieve gender equality.”


Frances Fitzgerald is an Irish Member of the European Parliament, and WPL Alternate Ambassador of the European Parliament. Hon. Fitzgerald serves in various committees, including the Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality while being the lead coordinator for the European’s People Party. Prior to serving as a European Deputy, she was a Fine Gael Oireachtas Parliamentarian for over 20 years while serving as Minister for Business, Enterprise & Innovation (2017); Minister for Justice & Equality (2014-17) and was the State’s first Minister for Children & Youth Affairs (2011-14). Before her election to the Dáli, Frances served as Chair of the National Women’s Council of Ireland (1988-92) and Vice President of the European Women’s Lobby. She was also a founding member of the Women’s Environment Network – as it was known then.