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Keren Barak

Keren Barak, Deputy Speaker of the Knesset: Keren Barak is honored to serve as a Member of Knesset since 2019, working hard to advance to the status of women in all spheres of life.  From the start of her career over twenty years ago as a political adviser to several parliamentarians from the Likud party, to her work as the founder and director of an influential strategic consulting firm, and until today as a Member of Knesset, Keren has always been passionate about bringing greater equality to the school system, the rights and benefits of the self-employed and owners of small businesses, and creating more opportunities for women to reach their potential in the workplace and society at large. Throughout her life, in every role Keren has assumed, from a student in elementary school to a soldier in the army to a Member of Knesset, Keren has always worked to the maximum to reach her goals and effect positive change. This is a value she has embraced from early childhood and one she has passed on to her 10 year old son. Her faith in hard work and unwavering dedication are what make her certain of her ability to make a real contribution to Israeli society and beyond.”