Official Photo Miss Khattiya Sawatdiphol

Khattiya Sawatdiphol

Khattiya Sawatdiphol, Member of the House of Representatives, “As a politician and representative of the people, my mission is to safeguard the principles of democracy, advocate for the best interests of our fellow citizens, seek justice for victims of state violence, promote gender equality, and contribute to establishing the rule of law in Thai society.”


Khattiya Sawatdiphol is a female member of the House of Representatives in the Pheu Thai Party list system. She was elected twice, her first term spanning from 2011-2013 and her
second term from 2023 to the present. Having grown up amidst intense political conflicts in Thailand and personally experienced state violence, combined with her educational background in Law from Thammasat University which deeply intertwined with Thai politics, her experiences have fueled her passion for working in politics. Becoming a politician has been her greatest life goal.
Her determination lies in supporting the formation of a democratic society, advocating for human rights principles, and striving for equality of all genders.
Notably, she’s a key politician in advocating for laws that seek justice for those injured and killed by the 2010 state protest crackdown. Beyond her political involvement, she has found success in various roles within law and media. Her journey spans from practicing as a lawyer in a private firm to co-hosting a political news and commentary program on the Voice TV channel.