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Lork Kheng

Lork Kheng, Member of the National Assembly, Chair of Commission on Public Health, Social Work, Veterans, Youth, Rehabilitation, Labor, Vocational Training and Women’s Affairs: “Possible” begins with a “Dream” : Assuming the position of WPL Ambassador for Cambodia,  I will concretise this vision to enhance young women with big dream for leadership. My strong belief is that dream would be the stepping stone for Cambodian girls to break the barrier and pressure, hence, choosing the right path to achieve their goal. Driven by such vision, we will demonstrate, from Cambodia to the world, that women are able and  must definitively take part in leadership. Thus, having set up the solid motivation and preparation for them will insure their future in taking the role of leaders.”


Lork Kheng is a Member of the Parliament of Cambodia, where she serves as Chairperson of the Commission in Charge of Public Health, Social work, Veteran, Youth Rehabilitation, Labor, Vocational Training, and Women’s Affair. H.E. Mrs. Keng was also the Treasurer of the Phnom Penh branch of the Cambodian Red Cross and has now become its Deputy President. Prior to her political career, H.E. Mrs. Kheng was a successful businesswoman in the areas of construction and education. She has established the Eye Care Optic Center, which was the leading company in the optic business in Cambodia. She has actively promoted social well-being campaigns around the suburbs of Phnom Penh and achieved significant results in reducing HIV/AIDS rates.