Sudarshini Fernandopulle

Sudarshini Fernandopulle, Member of the Parliament of Sri Lanka

Bio: After my 24 year career as a Medical Doctor attached to the Ministry of Health, where I was  able to serve the people of Sri Lanka I resigned from my post to become a full time Politician  to serve the Community in a different manner in 2009 after the assassination of my beloved  husband, who was a dedicated and renowned politician in Sri Lanka, in the year 2008, 

I contested the parliamentary elections and was elected to the 7th Parliament in 2010. 

I was an active member of the parliament and held many posts being the chairperson of the  Public Petition Committee and subcommittee to investigate issues related to women. 

I also served as a member of many parliamentary select committees on Health, Education,  Child Development & Women’s Affairs, Investment Promotion, Foreign affairs, etc. I was  also a member of the parliamentary select committee to propose recommendations for the  constitutional amendments committee to study and propose recommendations on Chronic  Kidney disease in Sri Lanka, 

I was re-elected to the 8th Parliament after the General elections which were held in August  2015 and was initially appointed as the Deputy Minister of Higher Education during the 1st  National government formed in January 2015 and then as the State Minister of City Planning  and Water Supply in September in 2015. I was the chairperson of the Sri Lanka Freedom  Party (SLFP) women’s wing a post which I have been holding since 2014. I resigned from my portfolio in May 2018 after voting in favor of the No confidence motion which was  brought against the Prime Minister of the National government and crossed over to the  opposition as a Member of Parliament.

I was a member of the Parliamentary Sectoral Oversight Committee on Women and Gender,  the Deputy Chairperson of the constitutional assembly, the chairperson of the caucus for  children and the deputy chairperson of the women’s caucus of the 8th Parliament. 

I was re-elected to the 9th Parliament after the General elections which were held in August 2020 and was initially appointed as the State Minister of Prison Reforms and Prisoners  Rehabilitation. After I was appointed as the State Minister of Primary Health care, Epidemics  and Covid Disease Control. 

I am the chairperson of the Women parliamentarians’ caucus. Currently I am a member of 9th Parliament of Sri Lanka.