Wafa Bani Mustafa was a former Member of the House of Representatives of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan for 10 years (From 2021 until 2021). She is the co-founder of Jordanian Masarat for Development and Progress, a non-profit institution established in 2021, concerned with training and empowering women politically and economically.

Wafa Bani Mustafa grew up in Jerash governorate, studied at Souf School, finished high school at Souf Secondary School for Girls and obtained a Bachelor of Laws from Jerash University in 2001. She still lives there, believing in the importance of keeping in touch with the needs of the people from her governorate. She was the first woman to represent the Jerash governorate and has managed to win the confidence of her voters for 10 years now. Moreover, she is the first woman to win three consecutive terms in the House of Representatives representing Jerash governorate in the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth parliaments, the youngest woman to join the House of Representatives (when she was 30 years old) in the sixteenth parliament and it was the minimum age for running for elections. She is also considered the first woman to chair a bloc in the Jordanian parliament twice: in the sixteenth parliament, chairing the Change Bloc, and in the Eighteenth Parliament, chairing the Parliamentary Initiative Bloc. Moreover, she was elected the first coordinator of the (Women Caucus), headed the Jordanian-Moroccan Brotherhood Committee in the 18th Parliament, and became a Member of the Legal Committee and its Rapporteur (the 16th Parliament, a member of the Committee on Freedoms and Human Rights (the 16th and the 18th Parliament), and a member of the Committee on Women and Family Affairs (the 17th and 18th Parliament).

Wafa Bani Mustafa served as the Chairperson of the Order and Conduct Committee more than once and contributed to the preparation of the Parliamentary Code of Conduct. In the performance evaluation issued by (Rased), a civil society organization that monitors the performance of parliamentarians, Bani Mustafa was ranked in the eighteenth and seventeenth parliaments as one of the most active parliamentarians in providing interventions, one of the best in providing qualitative, pivotal, and observatory interventions, and one of the most influential parliamentarians in voting and presenting questions.

Bani Mustafa left an imprint in the field of laws related to women and their rights in Jordan, as she had a great impact in lobbying for the abolition of Article 308 of the Jordanian Penal Code, the amendment of the Jordanian Protection from Domestic Violence Law, and granting the children of Jordanian women married to non-Jordanians their civil rights.