Summit: WPL Summit 2018

Speaker of Seimas (The Parliament of Lithuania)

Executive Director, Hawaii and Asia Pacific, Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability

Secretary-General, United Nations. High Commissioner For Refugees, United Nations (2005-15). Prime Minister, Portugal (1995-2002)

Columnist, De Standaard; Founder, POLIN – The Political Incubator

Special Representative for Women Peace and Security, NATO

Chair of the UN CEDAW Committee

Senator, President of The Committee on Gender, Haiti

Minister for the Status of Women and Women’s Rights, Haiti

Minister of Gender and Family Promotion, Rwanda

Founder And President, Wiis Kenya

Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine

Prime Minister of Iceland*

President of Croatia

Prime Minister of Latvia (2014-2016)

Minister of Social Affairs of Lithuania

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania

Senior Vice President, Merck

Prime Minister Of São Tomé And Príncipe (2005- 2006), Executive Secretary of CPLP

Secretary General of the European Investment Fund

Prime Minister Of São Tomé And Príncipe (2002 – 2004)*

President of Malta (2014-2019)