WPL and Vifor Pharma launch toolkit on iron deficiency

Iron deficiency (ID) is the most common deficiency worldwide, yet it affects women disproportionately. Despite existing therapies and successful treatments, 50% of pregnant women are iron deficient. Meanwhile, 42% of pregnant women and 30% of non-pregnant women suffer from anemia. As the global rates of iron deficiency and iron deficiency anemia (IDA) decrease, the disease burden gap between men and women continues to grow, including within Europe. This phenomenon forces us to consider the question: are our healthcare systems effectively addressing women’s unique healthcare needs?

Women Political Leaders (WPL), with the support of Vifor Pharma, has produced an overview of contemporary healthcare responses that demonstrates an astounding lack of gender-sensitive awareness surrounding ID and IDA’s impact on women. The ensuing repercussions have also been shown to adversely affect economies and healthcare systems.

Neglecting the negative impacts that iron deficiency and iron deficiency anemia have on women, healthcare systems and economies is untenable.

The toolkit is an offer to policymakers for giving iron deficiency and iron deficiency anemia the awareness they need. It highlights target areas for political action and proposes collaborative policy response that will allow parliamentarians to lead the charge in effectively reducing the presence of ID & IDA in women in the near future.