WPL Country Ambassadors advancing equality globally

Friday, May 22, 2020

Ensuring effective communication with community members is very important nowadays. Even more so if that community is composed of  WPL Country Ambassadors, who are a cornerstone of WPL’s network of incredible women political leaders that stretches across the globe. 

In responding to their request to be kept up to date with WPL’s activities – a need highlighted in their responses to a questionnaire circulated by WPL – WPL is delighted to announce the creation of a community platform group. This private group aims to facilitate real-time communication for these women political leaders by enabling the exchange of relevant information and work updates, including policies, initiatives, campaigns, etc., and to keep them informed of WPL activities. The goal is to make it easier for these accomplished women politicians, experts in various policy areas, to exchange ideas and best practices, all while feeling supported in their work as representatives of WPL.


All current 57  WPL Ambassadors hold influential positions of political leadership as either Parliamentarians, Speakers of Parliament, Deputy Speakers of Parliament or Ministers.


The WPL Country Ambassadors around the world Map shows just how many women political leaders are contributing to the crucial mission of advancing equality and female leadership globally. Many others are about to join.


WPL Country Ambassadors are officially appointed by the relevant political leadership entity of their respective country to act as the representative of the country in advancing WPL’s mission to increase the number and influence of women political leaders globally.


As the representative for WPL in their respective countries, WPL relies on its Country Ambassadors to support WPL’s mission and objectives through their activities, while contributing to ensure equality between women & men for the good of society and the world.