WPL sessions at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2019

WPL is proud to host sessions at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in January 2019.

Stereotypes in Leadership – A Risk for SDGs

22nd of January 

This exclusive gathering will connect the Reykjavik Index for Leadership with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Focussing on how the progress that SDGs aim for can only be sustainable and achievable if stereotypes are overcome, and it becomes acceptable that men are prime caretakers at home and women are CEO’s.


Women Political Leaders Community Breakfast 

24th of January

The WPL Community Breakfast, which is happening in Davos for the third consecutive year, aims to strengthen the network between high-level leaders across the globe. This year’s discussion will focus on The Reykjavik Index for Leadership.


Reykjavik Index for Leadership Breakfast

25th of January

The topics of discussion of the breakfast session will focus on the Reykjavik Index for Leadership, which was launched by WPL during the Women leaders Global Forum in Iceland, November 2018 with worldwide interest seen (read the WEF, Reuters and CBS coverage).

The Reykjavik Index for Leadership measures the extent to which women and men are viewed equally in terms of suitability for positions of leadership across all sectors of the economy in the G7 nations. It is the first to measure attitudes and perceptions, which affect the progress and equality of women and men. The Index, and the wider study behind it illuminates how much further we have to go until being a woman, or being a man, is a non-issue when debating how suitable someone is for leadership. Read the full report here.

The breakfast aims to take this conversation further. What are the incidences of male/female dissonance in attitudes? Why do we see such variation in perceptions across the twenty professional sectors studied? And why there are differences in perceptions for public and private sector leadership positions?