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Women constitute over 70% of the healthcare workforce and are responsible for 80% of all buying and usage decisions when it comes to primary health care.
And yet women are underrepresented in healthcare leadership; they account for only 13% of the CEOs, and on average, it takes women three to five years longer to reach CEO status in the healthcare field.

Research shows that increasing the number of women in positions of power promotes equity between women and men but also that women in government do in fact advance population health.

Women Political Leaders recognises the importance of forging relationships between female politicians, female leadership in the Health Workforce, and high level stakeholders from the health sector. Discussions between these participants can help ensure that healthcare policy reflects the needs of women, mothers and children, as well as study the impact between healthy women healthy economies.

The voices of both female politicians and female healthcare leaders are crucial to improving the nature of women’s health and women’s issues around the world.


In Sight, In Mind: why raising visibility of women’s leadership in healthcare is key in the battle for equality and against COVID-19

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