Awards 2015

The Women in Parliaments Global Forum believes that best practice examples are most convincing and can serve to encourage others.

Based on the ranking of the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report and the Inter Parliamentary Union‘s ranking of Women in Politics, the WIP Awards acknowledge countries which are recognised for their political empowerment of women, and to countries which show regional leadership in closing the gender gap in politics. The aim is to inspire other countries to lead by the same example.

In 2015, rankings showed that the same countries as in previous years topped the charts. To highlight and further encourage important progress made also in other countries, the WIP Awards 2015 were presented to countries not necessarily at the top of the ranking, but part of the frontrunners.

WIP Awards 2015:

Winners in the Categories of Political Empowerment:

  • Women in Parliament: Sweden and Ecuador
  • Ministerial Positions: Italy

Winners in Closing the Gender Gap:

  • Global Winner in Closing the Gender Gap: Kenya
  • South and South East Asia: Bangladesh

Achievements in Closing the Gender Gap in the Arab World

  • Tunisia