Perceptions of Leadership – a collaborative session during The Female Quotient’s Virtual Equality Lounge @ Davos

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On 20th January 2022, WPL is co-hosting the panel on ‘Perceptions of Leadership’ with The Female Quotient and 100 Women@Davos at The Female Quotient’s Virtual Equality Lounge at Davos 2022.

Women and men make successful leaders, yet studies show persistent stereotyping of leadership suitability. This contrasts with the evidence that equality in leadership is particularly beneficial to organisational performance, societal development, and economic advancement. With these attitudes contributing to barriers to women’s progression, this expert panel – a collaboration between Women Political Leaders (WPL), The Female Quotient, and 100 Women@Davos discusses global perceptions of leadership and solutions to overcome societal prejudices.

Anita Bhatia, Assistant Secretary-General and Deputy Executive Director of UN Women, is joining as Guest of Honour.