Presentation of the WIP – World Bank Study

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The Women in Parliaments Global Forum (WIP) will present the WIP – World Bank Study ‘The Female Political Career’ at the Palace of Westminster, on 20th October. The presentation  will be followed by a panel discussion that will address ways of increasing the number of Women in Parliaments.

Women are still very much alone in politics. The WEF’s annual Global Gender Gap Report shows the bias: health has a small gender gap of 4%, education of 6%, economic participation of 40%, and politics an incredibly high 79%. The glass ceiling might have some cracks, but it still needs to be shattered. The Panel will address ways for increasing the number of women in political leadership, and discuss best-practice examples.

16:00: Welcome by the Rt Hon. Mary Goudie, Baroness Goudie, of Roundwood

16.05: Presentation of study: Silvana Koch-Mehrin, WIP Chairperson

16.10: Discussion Panel

16.30: Q & A from Audience

17.00: Refreshments

If you are interested in attending the Presentation of the WIP Study, please contact:

[email protected]

+32 27 33 13 44