The 2020 Concordia Europe Summit : the role of women in political office

When: March 23, 2020
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Women Political Leaders (WPL)-lead discussions are planned for the 2020 Concordia Europe – AmChamSpain Summit to take place in Madrid on 23-24 March 2020. Thanks to the established partnership between Concordia and WPL, at this Summit WPL showcases the power of women leaders in creating positive change.

“WPL focuses on the power of partnerships to achieve its mission of increasing the number and influence of women in political leadership. The partnership with Concordia, offers an opportunity to provide examples of how female Leaders shape societies,” says Silvana Koch-Mehrin, Founder & President of WPL

“Our partnership with Women Political Leaders will see us convene a number of influential female leaders to elevate the critical role of women in political office in advancing progress and change,” adds Matthew Swift, Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO of Concordia

The 2020 Concordia Europe – AmChamSpain Summit is the result of a collaboration between Concordia and AmChamSpain. Through this forum, speakers, participants, and partners explored some of the most pressing issues facing Spain and the region today. Largely driven by the initiatives, projects, and interests of the Concordia membership community, the themes addressed in the Summit indicated many priority areas of programming based on this community.

More specific information on the agenda of the discussions to follow.