WIP at the World Bank / IMF Global Parliamentary Conference

Aeriallincolnmem Credit Jason Hawkes H

Around 70 WIP Delegates will join the Global Parliamentary Conference of the Parliamentary Network on the World Bank & International Monetary Fund (IMF) on 12-13 April 2015, in Washington D.C. This meeting is organised jointly with the World Bank Group, the IMF and the Women in Parliaments Global Forum.

The joint hosting of the Global Parliamentary Conference is a continuation of the partnership with the World Bank, which includes the joint study “The Female Political Career” and the participation of WIP Delegates in the World bank/IMF Annual Meeting 2014. Founded in 2000, the Parliamentary Network on the World Bank & IMF is an independent, non-governmental organisation that provides a platform for Parliamentarians from WBG and IMF member countries to advocate for increased accountability and transparency in development cooperation.

The Global Conference is the Parliamentary Network’s flagship event. This edition will bring together more than 200 parliamentarians from about 100 countries, leaders from civil society and partner organizations, and top officials from the World Bank Group and the IMF. The Global Conference is an opportunity to identify the Network’s policy focus for the upcoming years. The agenda – which runs over two days – brings stimulating and informative sessions as well as many opportunities for discussion.

This year’s Conference agenda focuses on: (i) Twin goals of boosting shared prosperity and eradicating poverty, and macroeconomic stability; (ii) Transparency and governance and (iii) gender equity. By focusing on these three areas, the Parliamentary Network aims to: (i) increase Parliamentarians’ knowledge of these individual subject matters, push for legislations and reforms in key areas; (ii) underline Parliamentarians’ roles in improving these areas in their respective countries; and (iii) look at how international development partners such as the World Bank Group and IMF can support them in this task.