WPL Global Study on Immunisation, Release Day Panel Discussion

The ramifications from the COVID-19 pandemic have been felt across all aspects of society, bringing immense changes in the way we live and conduct our lives. The roll out of the COVID-19 Vaccine is one of the first steps to building a new normal.  Vaccines have been amongst the most effective tools humankind has devised to fight disease. They have prevented the spread of diseases and enabled children and adults to survive, flourish, and contribute to society. 

Disruptions to vaccination programmes can prompt greater and more profound health crises. Despite ongoing challenges, we now have a substantial opportunity to understand the impact that any disruptions to vaccination programmes continue to have, and to implement lessons learnt to strengthen their resilience in the future. 

On 14 July 2021, Women Political Leaders (WPL) is launching the WPL Global Immunisation Report. The study shares the perspectives of political leaders toward vaccination programmes and its importance throughout the landscape of the pandemic. The results aim to illuminate the resilience of vaccination programmes in the context of the COVID-19 disruption, to equip political leaders with insights and actions on how to protect immunisation programmes for the greater good of global society.   

With the launch of the Report, WPL will present its findings in a live panel discussion with experts on immunisations. The panelists include:

  • Aminata Touré, President, Economic, Social and Environmental Council (2019-2020); President’s Special Envoy for Internal and External Affairs (2015-2019); Prime Minister (2013-2014); Minister of Justice Attorney General (2012-2013), Senegal, WPL Global Ambassador for Vaccination
  • Anupama Tantri, Executive Director, Global Vaccines Public Policy Development, MSD
  • Hatice Küçük, Executive Director, The G20 Health and Development Partnership  
  • Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, President, Malta (2014-2019); President, Eurochild; Member of WPL Board, Girl2Leader Patron, Europe
  • Mercy Korir, Medical Journalist

“WPL Global Study on Immunisation” can be read in its entirety here.