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Evelyn Regner

Evelyn Regner, Vice President of the European Parliament:As a feminist, I am fighting for the European gender equality policies to arrive in the 21st century. The social-economic position of women in Europe must be improved, the glass ceiling – which is still hindering women from rising to their full potential – must finally be smashed and the pay gap closed. I have been fighting for the economic independence of women for many years now as the key to break the circle of violence and overall to achieve a good life for everyone. It is high time that we bridge all existing gender gaps. We cannot wait until they magically disappear. We need action and we need it now. I am convinced that the future of the EU is female!”


Evelyn Regner is the Vice-President of the European Parliament and WPL Ambassador representing the European Parliament. As President of the Commission on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality, she strongly commits to tackling inequality in the fields of gender politics, taxes, and wealth. Having pursued her studies in law, Ms. Regner began her career as a lawyer at the Department for Social Policy at the Austrian Trade Union Federation (ÖGB). Prior to her role as a Parliamentarian, she was the head of the EU and International Affairs Department of the Austrian Trade Union Federation.