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George Gyedu

Head of Project Management Office

George Gyedu, a native of Ghana, West Africa, has a distinguished and dynamic career that spans continents and industries. He holds 2 masters degrees in Business Intelligence and International Accounting and Auditing. With a wealth of experience in banking, Operations and logistics, George has been instrumental in implementing major projects that drive organizational success.

His passion for bridging the gender gap and advocating for equal opportunities has been a lifelong mission. This dedication led him to join Women Political Leaders (WPL) three years ago as a Project Assistant. Through his unwavering commitment and exceptional skills, he has risen to the position of Head of the Project Management Office at WPL. In this role, George continues to drive impactful projects that align with his vision of gender equality and empowerment.

George is a certified Project Manager, holding prestigious certifications including PMP from PMI Global and a Google Project Management certification. He also holds a certification in the usage of Generative AI, showcasing his proficiency in leveraging advanced technologies to enhance project outcomes.

You can reach George at [email protected], where he is available to communicate in both English and French.