Julia Kronlid

Julia Kronlid

Julia Kronlid, Second Deputy Speaker & Member of the Riksdag

Julia Kronlid grew up in the countryside in Småland outside Vetlanda, but now lives in Täby outside Stockholm with her husband David Kronlid and three children. She has primarily worked within health and social care, initially as an assistant nurse and aide within different organisations and later as a social educationist having graduated from Örebro University. Julia Kronlid has also worked within development assistance operations in Papua New Guinea.

Julia Kronlid was elected as member of the Riksdag in 2010. In 2010–2016, she was the spokesperson for her party on foreign affairs and development assistance issues as well as a member
of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, and in 2014–2020 she was a member of the Advisory Council on Foreign Affairs. In the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Julia Kronlid worked with matters such as human rights, democratic development in developing countries and safeguarding of minority rights. Priority issues within development assistance included aid to refugees in crisis areas and Julia Kronlid visited refugee camps in Jordan where she met refugees and visited UN bodies in Lebanon. She has also been a member of the War Delegation since 2014.

In 2017, Julia Kronlid was elected as a member of the Committee on Social Insurance and in 2018 became spokesperson for social insurance matters. Within this role, she has been active in ensuring safe and fair health insurance and has also been responsible for pension matters and financial family policy.

Within the Riksdag, Julia Kronlid also served as alternate member of the Riksdag Board in 2018–2022.

In 2013, Julia Kronlid was elected as a member of the National Board of the Sweden Democrats and in 2015 as Deputy Party Chair. She has been Second Deputy Party Chair since 2019 and has also been Second Deputy Group Leader in 2014–2022.

Outside of the Riksdag, Julia Kronlid has mainly been active within church policy and started her political journey in the Glanshammar Parish Council and the diocese of Strängnäs in 2009. In 2014, she was elected as a member of the General Synod where she was mainly active in the Committee on Ecumenicalism which deals with international and inter-religious matters. Kronlid was a deputy member of the Church Board in 2017–2019.

Julia Kronlid is Chair of Hepatica, an aid organisation and fundraising foundation affiliated with the Sweden Democrats. The foundation raises funds to support refugees in Lebanon, the building of a pharmacy in Syria, poor pensioners and vulnerable families in Stockholm as well as aid consignments to Ukraine during the ongoing war.