Official Photo He Maryam Bin Thenaya Federal National Council

Maryam Majid Bin Theneya

Maryam Majid Bin Theneya, Member of The Federal National Council of the United Arab Emirates: “As a Women Political Leaders Ambassador for United Arab Emirates, I strive to promote gender balance worldwide. Gender balance is a top national priority for the UAE, and is included in all UAE strategic plans. The UAE succeeded in increasing women’s political participation as half of the Federal National Council consists now of women. Acknowledging political and social challenges that women still face, the UAE continues to support gender balance nationally and internationally.Being a member of the Federal National Council, I seek to share and support this successful story at the international level. I have more than 10 years of experience in the area of women and children protection, and I had participated in organizing many awareness-raising campaigns and international conferences on combating human trafficking, women and children protection against violence.Believing in the importance of communication between the WPL and my country, I pledge to share the UAE inspiring women empowerment model and my serious engagement to achieve the main goals of WPL to demonstrate the impact of women in political leadership for the global better.”


Maryam Majid Bin Theneya, Member of the Federal National Council of the United Arab Emirates, has extensive experience in the field of Technology and Communication. Ms. Theneya graduated with distinction from Higher Colleges of Technology and occupied the position of Government Communication Director at the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation and Communication & IT Director at Dubai Foundation for Women and Children. The Parliamentarian continuously strives to elevate digital awareness to eliminate violence against women and children. For that, she has achieved various professional certificates in leadership such as the Women Leadership Exchange Programme, an international leadership programme for women managers.