Nino Tsilosani Aril 2021

Nino Tsilosani

Nino Tsilosani, Member of the Parliament of Georgia: “I am honored to represent women of Georgia, their equality mission and success in WPL. My country has put colossal effort and done tremendous work in terms of gender equality and it is my distinct honor to be part of this success. From Istanbul convention ratification to gender quotas in politics, all together – parliament, government and the non-government sector has struggled against stereotypes and ugly rules. We had victories, yet again, each and every woman suffering from domestic violence is also our failure. We need to become more effective and change our world into a more peaceful place, free of violence. An increasingly large number of women are waiting their turn to become successful, hence, we should encourage them. Only through empowering each other we can ensure victory in the process, where we will emerge as winners in an empowered world, full of equality.”


Nino Tsilosani is a Member of the Parliament of Georgia, serving as Chairperson of the Permanent Parliamentary Gender Equality Council and Chairperson of the Committee on Agrarian Issues. Additionally, she is President and Founder of the Tsilosani Foundation, a charitable organization that aims to promote the young generation by targeting measures for employment and education.