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†Shinzō Abe

We need more Women in Parliaments and as political leaders because change in societal perceptions is necessary for women’s empowerment, and politics has a great impact on that. Also women’s participation in decision making processes will undoubtedly create higher quality decisions compared to those made only by men.

In my party, a female member occupies one of the three highest positions and we have increased the number of appointments of female ministers. However, for Japan, there is still room for improvement.

Ever since I took the office in 2012, creating “a society where all women shine” is at the core of the policy pillars which I promote. I hosted the World Assembly for Women (WAW!) last year for the first time, and held the second WAW! This year with the theme of “WAW! For All”. This message encourages women and men to work together to create a society which is better for everyone. Empowering women will also enrich men’s lives.

I aim to increase the percentage of women in leading positions to 30% by 2020. We have already attained this target in the civil servant managerial candidate career track which reached 34.3% this fiscal year. In addition, a new bill was enacted to require private sector corporations to devise Action Plans for promotion of employment and appointment of women.

I am committed to revitalizing our societies by unleashing the “power of women” to the utmost extent and bringing diverse values and creativity to politics, economies, and communities.

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