Women leaders speed up the pace of change for the better in Reykjavik

Tuesday, December 17, 2019
Dsc 0721

At its second edition, the Reykjavik Global Forum – Women Leaders 2019 created positive measurable impact. The 500 outstanding people who travelled to Iceland have shown the global community that it is possible to turn words into concrete steps.

At the Forum, Presidents, Prime Ministers, and political leaders, suggested how to realise change in conversation with representatives from the world of business, academia, civil society, and the media.  Conversationists shared their pledges on stage with the audience, further committing themselves and speeding up the pace of change. The many pledges announced at the Forum 2019 are the road to pursue to shape the society of the future. But this is only the beginning; pledges are coming in, also after the Forum ended, and we encourage you to commit and create the future you wish.

If you haven’t submitted your pledge to the Community of Actions yet, you can join the many others  who have committed to stimulating real change with a positive actionable pledge. Submit your pledge, big or small, to: [email protected]. In November 2020, Coversationists will gather again in Iceland and look at the achievements in light of the pledges launched. 

The official photo gallery is available here.  You can watch the Forum through the CBS on-demand video at CBSN streaming Reykjavik 2019.