Women’s leadership to safeguard democracy

Tuesday, December 22, 2020
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Women Presidents and Parliamentarians from all across the globe make vital decisions every day, saving and improving the lives of millions and securing the well-being of their communities. Strong recovery requires equality, and the preservation of democratic principles demands action – two principles by which women in government must continually abide.

The leadership of these leaders serves as a global reminder that 2020 has been in many regards a milestone for gender equality, and 2021 will offer ample possibilities for continued progress as we work to build back better.

To advance women’s political leadership and visibility, Women Political Leaders (WPL), the World Bank Group, and the Parliamentary Network on the World Bank & the International Monetary Fund have joined forces to amplify the names and voices of female Parliamentarians from around the world.

Their message is more important than ever, now that COVID-19 has transitioned from unwelcome intruder to enduring global reality. History shows that those who are vulnerable before a crisis become even more vulnerable in its aftermath, and so special care must be taken to support those most at risk – particularly women and girls, so often on the front-lines in times of crisis – in order to increase our shared strength and resilience into the future.

Learn more about the work of these women and be inspired by their leadership in the following series of short videos:

Amplifying the voices of women Presidents of Parliaments around the world to ensure 2020 is a milestone for equality.