Women Political Leaders work on immunisation

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Global Ambassadors for Vaccination

Among those in the vanguard are the WPL Global Ambassadors, influential women leaders from around the world who bring their special expertise to global discussions and initiatives. As high-level representatives of WPL, these Global Ambassadors actively support our shared mission to advance positive change for the betterment of society.

Also key to successful planning and implementation have been the numerous WPL Roundtables focused on particular areas of concern, attended by a wide diversity of experts and including many discussions on the state of immunisation, its prospects for improvement, and challenges yet to be faced.

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WPL Global Study on Immunisation

How do WPL members view immunisation? This first-of-its-kind study assesses the current sentiments of our members toward immunisation while it equips them with insights and actions on how to protect immunisation programmes for the greater good of global society .

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Roundtable discussions

WPL Roundtables are an ongoing series of high-level discussions among noted experts concentrating on global experiences in a specific area of concern, as well as best practices and emerging solutions to the problems considered.

Recent Roundtables on the issue of immunisation have included a conversation with WPL Vaccine Ambassadors focused on the prospects for worldwide action, the launch of a new WPL Report on the state of immunisation, the resilience of current campaigns in the face of novel and recurring outbreaks of infectious disease, and particular lessons derived from the European experience with COVID-19.

These Roundtables as convened on a regular basis to keep abreast of shifting priorities and the detection of critical situations of special importance to women.

  1. Digital Conversation with WPL Vaccine Ambassadors

    World Leaders’ Prescriptions For Global Immunisation.

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  2. Study Launch

    WPL Global Study On Immunisation

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  3. Reykjavik Global Form

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    Women Leaders
    LeadersTalks: Building back better

    Resilient immunisation programmes for a secure future

  4. Study Launch: European Dialogue: Lessons Learnt From the COVID-19 Pandemic

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    What lessons have we learnt from the COVID-19 pandemic that can be applied to other current and future health challenges and crises? How have women leaders responded to the pandemic? This conversation brings together an outstanding group of experts to explore these questions and more.

Media library

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