Month: May 2020

“As books are written about the great pandemic, I think that women leaders will come of this very much on the right side of history for doing their best to focus on human security, health and well-being…” Helen Clark’s consequential assessment of women political leaders’ performance during the COVID-19 global health crisis is steadily being […]

Ensuring effective communication with community members is very important nowadays. Even more so if that community is composed of  WPL Country Ambassadors, who are a cornerstone of WPL’s network of incredible women political leaders that stretches across the globe.  In responding to their request to be kept up to date with WPL’s activities – a […]

 “One of the hugest problems (that) we’ve got to overcome are these mindsets, norms, deeply entrenched cultural practices (and) biases, conscious or unconscious…” says Melanne Verveer, Executive Director of the Institute for Women, Peace and Security at Georgetown University and the United States Ambassador-at-large for Global Women’s Issues (2009-2013), in her conversation with WPL President […]

What is the role of culture in times of crisis? Is it more important to put everything aside and only focus on public health? With the onslaught of COVID-19 and confinement, the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development 2020 offers an occasion to reflect on the challenges Ministers around the world have […]

As little as a few months ago, the circumstances we find ourselves in today would have been considered by many as improbable. But nurses, doctors, midwives, surgeons, and active members of the healthcare community have had to steel themselves against the surging tide of an unprecedented pandemic with little time, and often meager access to […]