Month: June 2020

In 1889, the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) — the global organisation of parliaments– was established. 131 years later, Women Political Leaders and Ms. Gabriela Cuevas Barrón, the youngest ever President of the IPU and Member of the Senate of Mexico, assess the role of parliaments in confronting global crises, preserving democracy and advancing equality between women […]

Members of the Women Political Leaders Board affirm that COVID-19 presents the opportunity to create a ‘new normal’ to return to; one that fosters equality and delivers on promises of equitable leadership. On the occasion of the Global Webinar they shared their visions on how women leaders can establish this new normal through 1) restructuring […]

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As the world eagerly awaits a solution for the COVID-19 pandemic, a solution to another global health crisis is still being sought after decades. Drug abuse and illicit trafficking have persisted through history as a humanitarian crisis, leading to the deteriorating health and untimely deaths of millions around the world. Beyond reducing the security of […]

Exceptional times, call for exceptional measures. Not only are Female Parliamentarians making key decisions every day to save the lives of millions and to secure the wellbeing of their communities, but their noteworthy leadership serves as a reminder to the global community that 2020 must become a milestone for gender equality In the spirit of […]

On World Refugee Day 2020, Women Political Leaders wishes to amplify the power of acceptance and the power of recognition. Alongside the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees’ (UNHCR) campaign Every Action Counts, WPL highlights that women’s journeys count.   Refugees, and women refugees in particular, endure crises that are more intense and harmful than many […]

Sexual violence is both a physical and psychological form of warfare. It is weaponised to destroy the dignity and future prospects of communities and individuals. In order to recover and rebuild after experiencing conflict-related sexual violence it is essential to advocate a holistic, survivor-centred approach. This includes listening to experts to address the various dimensions […]

What will the future in front of us look like? When will we get out of this epochal pandemic? What are the best practices to achieve so? Have you ever asked yourself how can the global community make better decisions and promote best practices surrounding COVID-19 testing and de-confinement worldwide?  Women political leaders have already […]

 What’s the norm? …. If you’re asked to think of a president and (you) close your eyes while doing that. Does a woman come to your mind or is it a man? Originally organised to celebrate the very recent appointment of Silvana Koch-Mehrin,  Founder & President of the Women Political Leaders (WPL), to senior member […]