Month: June 2014

More than 100 Female Parliamentarians will meet in Rwanda next week for the WIP Summer Summit 2014. The MPs will study Rwanda’s success in female political empowerment, while addressing the need for more women in decision-making positions in politics and in reconciliation processes. “The Role of Women in Peace, Reconciliation and Security” / Tuesday 1 July, […]

Para mí es todo un privilegio participar en este “Sommet d´Été 2014” organizado por el Foro Mundial de Mujeres Parlamentarias (WIP) porque es una ocasión única para poder intercambiar experiencias y buenas prácticas con el fin de continuar fomentando una mayor presencia de las mujeres en los Parlamentos en el mundo y en la toma […]

After attending the global forum in Iceland, I cannot wait to be in Rwanda for the WIP summer summit, as this is a great opportunity to learn from fellow women and to be in one of the fast growing countries with the highest number of women in parliament With the new constitution that Kenya passed […]

Cuando la Presidenta de la Asamblea Nacional del Ecuador, Gabriela Rivadeneira, me informó sobre mi delegación a la “Cumbre de Verano WIP 2014”, en el hermano país de Ruanda, de inmediato, pensé en una gran oportunidad para poder compartir, en este espacio, con mujeres de gran trayectoria y con amplia visión en el campo político […]

El papel de la mujer en el desarrollo de la historia ha sido de gran importancia, sin embargo la historia construida desde lo masculino nos ha invisibilizado, pero las luchas históricas y constantes que se han desarrollado exigiendo igualdad de oportunidades, visibilizacion, igualdad de derechos, progresivamente ha ido surtiendo efecto. En el Ecuador una pequeña […]

The WIP Summer Summit in Rwanda is an opportunity to underline women’s economic and political force worldwide. Whether in Romania or in Rwanda, a fact is clear: women are an emerging market with a high potential, skills, ambition and ingenuity. A woman leader solves her problems; more women leaders solve society’s problems. Andreea Paul Member […]

The issue of women’s participation in politics is no longer in contention. What is central to the debate now is how to make their participation effective enough to influence the governance agenda and make it responsive to women’s interests, needs and concerns. The fact that women have remained underrepresented in politics is obviously not only […]

Participants coming from 45 different countries will study Rwanda’s success in female political empowerment and claim for the need for more women in politics worldwide Erna Solberg, Prime Minister of Norway, and Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda, will address the international audience of female leaders during a joint session with the MDG Advocacy Group The […]

The Women in Parliaments Global Forum (WIP) is hosting a Panel Session about the role of female Parliamentarians in the Islamic Society on 21. June, within the programme of the Annual Session of the Crans Montana Forum in Rabat, Morocco. This conference brings together decision-makers at the highest level from Governments, International Organizations, Parliaments and […]

Rwanda is the only country in the world with a majority of women in the Parliament (63,8%). (New infographic)

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Female Parliamentarians from all around the world will meet in Rwanda for the WIP Summer Summit 2014 (1-4 July). During this unique gathering of female leaders, the MPs will study Rwanda’s success in female political empowerment, while addressing the need for more women in decision-making positions in politics and in reconciliation processes. UN Women will present […]

The pictures of the WIP Latin America Reunion 2014 in Sao Paulo, Brazil (25-26 May) are now available online.