Women European Leaders (WEL) is a key community within the context of the Women Political Leaders Global Forum (WPL).

WEL is the inter-institutional platform for EU women leaders. Senior female leaders in the European Institutions talk in an informal, unscripted way about issues that are high on the international agenda, as well as about their personal leadership journeys.

WEL consists of women who are at the forefront of European politics; this includes MEPs, Commissioners and Director Generals from the European Commission, and Ambassadors to the EU.

This community was founded by WIP and the Italian EU Presidency in 2014, under the name EU Women Caucus.

Pesidency Receptions

During their Presidency of the Council of the European Union, countries host a reception for WEL. This provides a semi-annual opportunity to hear from political leaders of the rotating presidency and to strengthen the ties that bind this unique network.

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Wel Presidency Straujuma 1 293x300
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More information about the Council Presidencies in this link.

Leadership Journeys

WEL invites remarkable personalities from outside the Brussels scene to share the stories of their personal journey to positions of leadership. These convivial gatherings provide an informal setting to gain personal and professional inspiration.

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