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On the 16th of March, 2021, the Canadian Association of Feminist Parliamentarians organised a webinar aligned with the sixty-fifth session of the Commission on the Status of Women. Entitled Why Violence Against Women Should Concern Us All, the webinar convened women leaders to discuss the main causes of violence against women and to seek approaches […]

Commission on the Status of Women, 65th Edition, Side Event As part of the sixty-fifth session of the Commission on the Status of Women, Women Political Leaders, the Permanent Mission of Japan to the United Nations, Japan Women’s Watch, the National Women’s Committee of the United Nations NGOs, and the International Women’s Year Liaison Group […]

With strong women leaders and forward-looking action, 2021 will be a year to remember – a year in which great new positive strides are made. In the resonant words of Vigdís Finnbogadóttir, the world’s first democratically elected woman President, and to date the longest-serving female Head of State: “If anything can save the world, women […]

To celebrate the International Day of Education, observed on January 24th, the team at Women Political Leaders convened policymakers from around the world to discuss the crucial importance of education to social and economic progress. This year’s events were celebrated under the theme “Recover and Revitalise Education for the COVID-19 Generation” to underline the continuing […]

Brussels, January 2021 – Women Political Leaders is honoured to welcome Economic and Public Policy Expert Dr. Obiageli “Oby” Ezekwesili, Senior Economic Adviser to the Africa Economic Development Policy Initiative (AEDPI), as a new member of the WPL Board. Her proven experience in the economic and financial sectors, as well as her pioneering work against […]

In 2020, even as the most serious public health threat in modern history continued to surge worldwide, WPL Country Ambassadors stepped in and contributed extensively to WPL’s 2020 initiatives. WPL Ambassadors serve as the main point of contact for cooperation and for WPL initiatives and events in their respective Parliaments. They are provided the opportunity […]

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WPL recognises the importance of forging relationships between female politicians, female leadership in the Health Workforce, and high-level stakeholders from the health sector to help ensure that healthcare policy reflects the needs of women, as well as study the impact between healthy women and healthy economies. In 2020, the world has seen a surge in […]

All throughout this unprecedented year, WPL has fostered conversations with accomplished leaders to share their views and reflections on various subjects. Notable discussions have included that between Silvana Koch-Mehrin, President of WPL and Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Chair of the Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance and Special Envoy of the AU to Mobilise International Economic Support for the […]

In September 2020, guided by findings of the 2020 Reykjavík Index for Leadership, an extraordinary panel of high-level speakers was assembled by WPL and W20, the official G20 engagement group. With equal representation by men and women, the panel addressed ways to disrupt stagnant perceptions and to advance women’s leadership through cultural, legislative, and policy […]

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World Health Day on April 7th was a sobering occasion on which to celebrate the Healthcare Heroes, both visible and behind-the-scenes, fighting COVID-19 as well as the long-term battle for more inclusive and sustainable healthcare systems. WPL was among the first to decry the absence of women healthcare leaders in the media spotlight: Where were […]

Strengthening the role of women in building Peace and Security is  a priority for WPL, and in February 2020, the Munich Security Conference – the leading global forum for defence and security – brought the opportunity to host a high-level roundtable of women political leaders who offered insight and expertise on the world’s most pressing […]

How to build back better to a new normal where women in political leadership is no longer the exception. As part of the Reykjavik Global Forum – Women Leaders 2020, Women Political Leaders has convened its community of WPL Country Ambassadors for a private discussion on how to build back better in a post-pandemic world. […]

Women Presidents and Parliamentarians from all across the globe make vital decisions every day, saving and improving the lives of millions and securing the well-being of their communities. Strong recovery requires equality, and the preservation of democratic principles demands action – two principles by which women in government must continually abide. The leadership of these […]

21st Century Strategy: More women is good for business “If the increased inclusion of women at all levels of business provides tangible benefits for equality and the economy, then why is progress so slow?” asked Silvana Koch-Mehrin, Founder and President of WPL to the panelists of the session ‘21st Century Strategy: More women is good […]

The International Day of Peace promotes peace by calling for the observation of a 24-hour ceasefire. The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated that coordinated and inclusive responses are the most successful, both nationally and internationally, in responding to the virus. In light of this, International Peace Day 2020’s theme is ‘Shaping Peace Together.’ In celebration of […]

The data is clear – when women are able to work, economies grow. According to the International Monetary Fund, the economic empowerment of women boosts productivity and profitability in the workplace. Meanwhile, the International Labour Organisation has shown that increasing women’s participation in the labour force improves the national gross domestic product.   So what would […]

2020 was supposed to be a landmark year for gender equality; a celebration of advancement. Instead, inequalities between women and men, across dimensions, have intensified as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. According to the World Economic Forum’s most recent Global Gender Gap Index, no country has reached gender parity in wages. Progress toward closing […]

“When you hear the word “political leader,” who do you think of? A man or a woman?”  Silvana Koch-Mehrin, Founder and President of Women Political Leaders, opened the first Women Political Leaders (WPL) and Women 20 (W20) Webinar “Power parity: getting to a new normal in political representation” with a vital question. Who does the […]

WPL is honoured to engage in a critical conversation regarding racial injustice and gender inequality with Hafsat Abiola, Founder Kudirat Initiative for Democracy, Nigeria President of Women in Africa (WIA). In our first conversation, WPL and Ms. Abiola discussed the importance of a common humanity and a renewed sense of collective empathy, catalysed by the […]

On International Youth Day 2020, WPL championed the voices of young women politicians who seek to challenge entrenched perceptions of youth in decision-making spheres.  Amplifying these women’s voices represents one of the most critical steps that organisations, governments, corporations and communities can take to engage youth in catalysing change. Listening, learning and adapting at any […]

What will the future look like in two years? In ten years? In fifty? As the world grapples with the consequences of climate change, a global pandemic and more, empowering and supporting youth to enable change is the only way to build a sustainable and inclusive future. It is also the right thing to do, […]